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Fisher Investments UK: We Believe in Commanding Wealth

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed. - Edmund Burke

Burke's statement resounds clear and true, and despite their 18th century origins, his words still hone a very contemporary edge. Burke may have been talking about the wealth of the nation as a whole, but they apply in equal force to any individual whose personal wealth management concedes the slightest in order, structure or purpose. At the deepest level, his carrot-and-stick call to take charge of our wealth – or else! – reminds us of the root principle for which we invest, namely to be free: ordering our affairs ensures our continuing material independence, the freedom, at some point of our choice in the future, to realise the enhanced power of our wealth. Order allows us, as well, the freedom from care and anxiety, the peace of mind gained by knowing we have taken the best possible steps to manage it.

Making the decision

Being in command of our own wealth means taking charge of it. It means looking ahead, deciding that something needs to be done and acting on it. It means determining a coherent plan against very clearly defined aims; it means committing to it. It means actively remaining in control as the investment works towards those pre-defined goals. These are sensible and simple enough steps if one knows where to start.

Moving forward

The past few decades have shown equity investors some torrid times: events have subverted the rationale behind the most careful investment strategies; experience and long-standing throughout the industry have been made to count for little. However, the integrity of an investment company is best measured by its activity in just such unpredictable and volatile times. Charting seas that are gentle or rough, as always with investing, what is important is the right attitude, aptitude and vision with which to approach the future.