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Market Insights

In investing, information is power. Our research-based commentary aims to help you see meaningful market news and investing topics more correctly than the crowd.

The Sorry Truth About Buy-to-Let

With gilt yields near historic lows and bank accounts paying next to nothing, investors have increasingly gravitated toward buy-to-let. In reality, though, buy-to-let has many drawbacks.

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Mini-Bonds Illustrate the Perils of Yield Chasing

How can retirement investors generate the cash flow needed to meet expenses? To many, the answer is to add risk with investments offering attractive yields—mini-bonds, but it frequently doesn’t end well.

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US Voters Have Spoken

Don’t get sucked into the media hype surrounding the election of President Trump. Instead take a deep breath and look at the facts.

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US Elections and Market Outcomes

Will the upcoming election have positive or negative effects for investors? Let’s look at some facts and figures about potential shifts in political power.

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Brexit – Why You Should Invest Globally

Benefits of investing globally from a UK perspective.

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Some Sunshine From Services Surveys

While headlines cry the sky is falling, services sectors globally continue growing.

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Brexit Isn’t Roiling UK Bonds

The record-high current account deficit and Brexit dread were supposed to destroy demand for UK gilts. Someone forgot to tell the market

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The Eurozone Economy in Four Charts

The eurozone economy is on much more solid footing than is widely appreciated.

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Brexit: Looking at the Fact

The Brexit referendum is stirring up a lot of misinformation. Here is our even-handed attempt to sift through the noise.

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