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Fisher Investments UK: Our Values


We are wealth managers. We are not stockbrokers, nor are we IFAs or bankers. By being completely independent of all other institutions, and by not holding client assets, we aim to avoid conflicts of interest. Our parent company, Fisher Investments, does not have any external shareholders, so our independence truly means a sharper market focus that works for our investors.

As a wealth manager, Fisher Investments uses a simple fee structure based on the size of a portfolio. Where portfolios or structures give rise to additional charges such as custody charges or trading commissions, these are borne directly by clients and are not paid to Fisher Investments.


Fisher Investments looks to drive innovation in investments technology and has pioneered the use of many developments such as security pricing methodology, electronic trading, fresh approaches to custody and dedicated client teams, which are now standard practice throughout the industry.

Fisher Investments investment tools are developed by our research analysts under the guidance of the Investment Policy Committee. Innovative methodologies are designed to gain and exploit unique knowledge. Fisher Investments is innovative in research practice and the evaluation of information.

Fisher Investments is continually appraising its systems and values the principle of innovation in respect of improving any element of investment performance.


Life is what happens to individuals! We value the individuality of our clients through the highly personal service we offer. Our interest is in founding solid, working relationships and retaining clients through life-long investment cycles. Fisher Investments uses its fact-finding process to determine individuality of need as opposed to filling boxes with ticks, and by dedicating an account team to support the individual throughout the investment term with regular seminars, reporting, and personal communication.

Fisher Investments' individuality extends to our investment philosophy and operational style both of which centre very robustly on being dynamic. We are not wedded to a single, favoured investment approach, which may have its moment then pass. Fisher Investments rotates its investment style according to its view of the market and which investment style is in favour at any particular time.